Workshop: How to promote female entrepreneurship and clustering?

Results of their group works were as follows:

Group I

  • Bottom up start. It’s important to know what entrepreneurs need. What do they think is important?
  • Interested parties, actors shall join from the beginning. There were too many ideas and objectives from the beginning, quite unclear
  • “one spider in the web” –necessary to have a project coordinator, one leader who can push forward everything
  • For support structure – listen to the entrepreneurs
  • It’s important to be more flexible
  • Start from existing platform which should be developed further and then build from there
  • The process should be less bureaucratic

Group II

  • Important to have a common webpage which can serve as a platform. A good example is: in six languages as well as a mobile guide. This website is a web based platform. Through this platform marketing and clustering is possible. The biggest problem is funding. Sometimes funds can even “decide” a direction of activities (what you can do and what you can’t do)
  • Example, NGO Läänemaa Tourism – they have a website, local organisations are members of a big Lääme Eesti islands.

The groups came to the conclusion that in all three countries clustering is on different stages. In Estonia: at one location entrepreneurs cooperate with each other. The smaller the place is the more difficult is it with clustering. For example, one hotel is full and a tourist is not directed to another hotel. At another location (Saaremaa), entrepreneurs cooperate with targets but not with each other. At a third location there is a problem to get entrepreneurs’ services. Nature is for tourism but if one wants tourists to come back one should offer them something more than just nature, for example a proper catering (catering is in a bad stage). Entrepreneurs complain that there is no incentive for them to provide their services. Here clustering is essential; entrepreneurs should cooperate with each other (one offers dinner, second –lunch etc).