Women participation in politics in the spotlight in Skopje – MY EU international conference

Skopje, Macedonia

The international conference “Women participation in Politics” took place in Skopje from the 8th to the 11th of December 2013.

This 3-day forum was in the framework of “My EUROPE” project, where ALDA is partner, and  is the third event after the one held in Brescia in February 2013 and the second held in Strasbourg in June 2012, and organised by ALDA. My EU is a project supported by the programme “Europe for Citiziens”.

The Coalition of youth organizations SEGA, lead by Zoran Ilieski in cooperation with the Women Organization of the Municipality of Sveti Nikole were the local organizers of the event. ALDA’s contribution was key to the success of the event: the communication officer of the association Irene Zanetti participated, and the intervention by Asa Albinsson from BalticFem was remarkable, because she brought to the participants the 30-year-experience of the Swedish association in gender equality. BalticFem is not partner of the project, but an active partner of ALDA’s network.

The final speech of the event was delivered by Liliana Popovska, Chair of the Committee of Equal Opportunities of Macedonia. She closed the meeting with the notable statement: “When we discuss how to improve women participation to the political life, we should speak of evolution, not of revolution”.

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