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Dialoguefem is funded by
European Commission
DG Employment and
Social affairs

During the period December 2001 until February 2003 Participants of Dialoguefem "Women's participation in the European Dialogue on Employment Strategies", Dialoguefem, a project funded by the European Commission, DG Employment and Social affairs, provided a learning arena for future labour market development, jointly between old EU countries and candidate countries. The Dialoguefem project have involved actors in five Member States (Germany, Italy, Portugal and Sweden) and the activities carried out within the project framework involved women from four candidate countries (Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania).

The Employment Guidelines represent a set of objectives which, until 2003, were grouped under four "pillars" (employability, entrepreneurship, adaptability, equal opportunities) together with horizontal objectives. Following the debate on the impact evaluation and future of the EES, the Commission made a formal proposal of Guidelines and Recommendations on 08 April 2003. The interested can read more about the new EES on the webiste of the European employment strategy website. »

Women's employment remains key to women's economic autonomy and has a direct impact on the position of women in society as a whole. Therefore, European employment policies are a core mechanism for achieving equality between women and men. Furthermore, the EU recognizes that increasing women's economic activity is essential for European economic development and has defined equal opportunities between women and men as one of the priorities within the European employment policies.

To avoid reproducing old-fashioned gender stereotypes there is a need for a more consequent and methodical implementation and daily use of gender mainstreaming. And that at all levels and in all areas that are of importance for achieving the goals set in the European Employment Strategies and its pillars.

The participants of project Dialoguefem have pledged to continue monotoring what happens with the European Employment Strategies from a gender perspective. We will on this website continuously publish links and news of interesting projects.

You can also request the "Training Manual" produced in the project as a pdf-document. Just mail us a request and we will send the document to you. The training manual exists in 6 languages, English, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish and Russian.

Last updated: 26 May, 2003